Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 on Dell inspiron 6400/9400 laptop

Cedric Lagneau
5 May 2007, last update : 07/2007

Table of Contents

1. Laptop features

I've tested two similar laptop hardware.

All works after fresh feisty install (sound, ati fglrx 3D after activate it in admin system menu).

Here are some fix for suspend / hybernate and others tools/ tweaks to have a better laptop support (as ati under-clock mode once on battery).

Dell inspiron 6400
1.8GHz dual core processor
1280x800 widescreen
ATI X1400 mobility 128MB
1024MB Ram
ipw3945 wireless

Dell inspiron 9400
1.66GHz dual core2 processor
1440x900 true life widescreen
ATI X1400 mobility 128MB
1024MB Ram
ipw3945 wireless

2. Feisty Installation fix

3. Suspend / Hybernate

3.1. Ati black screen fix

 MODULES_WHITELIST="fglrx ipw3945"

3.2. ipw3945 suspend /resume loss connection fix

 auto lo
 iface lo inet loopback

4. Ati powermod

Change ati clock frequency each time laptop switch from ac to battery. 
TODO : actually need to make a xhost+ from client session , not secure.
 aticonfig --set-powerstate=3

 aticonfig --set-powerstate=1

 You can list all powerstates options with aticonfig --list-powerstates command.

5. Tools / Tweaks

5.1. Dell fan control

5.2. Gnome system temperature applet

5.3. Cpu frequency manually choice and applet suspend crash fix

 You can change cpu frequency with left mouse click on gnome cpu applet
 This fix also this : 
 after resuming from suspend or hibernate cpu applet don't show good cpu frequency clock and stay at full speed.

5.4. Remove speaker bip in console and X

5.5. jackd sound server crash fix

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